2nd Meeting Science Symposium, Copenhagen 22-24 May 2019
Venue: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities, Karen Blixens Plads 8, DK-2300

For a more compact overview of the programme, see here

Last updated: 22 March 2019.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

19.00-20.30: Welcome reception and registration. Drinks will be served.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

8.00: Welcome

8.10: Meet and greet: Short presentation round and networking session (coffee and croissants)

9.00: What is a meeting? (60 min.)

9.00-9.30 – oral presentation: Helen B. Schwartzman, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University: Do Dogs have Meetings?

9.30-10.00 – oral presentation: Renita Thedvall and Jennifer Sandler: Meeting Ethnography: Architecture, Practices of Circulation and Maker

10.00: Break

10.30: Meeting formats (90 min.)

10.30-11.00 – oral presentation: Wilbert van Vree: An advanced model of decisionmaking in workplace meetings

11.00-11.30 – oral presentation: Jeanette Landgrebe, Dept. of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen: Empowerment in online recovery-oriented meetings

11.30-12.00 – oral presentation: Melanie Büscher and Hanne Houbak: Application of a learning model on meeting design – The 4MAT Model

12.00: Lunch break

13.00: Workshops

16.00: Plenary session to discuss workshop results

16.20: Break

16.45: Power in meetings (35 min.)

16.45-17.05 – oral presentation: Mie Femø Nielsen, Dept. of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen: Using leaders’ business meetings interaction to revisit ‘authority’

17.05-17.20 – poster session: Louise Lüchow, Dept. of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen: Joking in face-to-face management workgroup meetings: A strategy in the enactment of epistemic and deontic authority

17.20: End

18.00: Informal conference dinner (venue to be announced)

Friday, 24 May 2019

9.00: Plenary Talk (60 min.)

9.00-10.00 – oral presentation: Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Hamburg: Meetings as a Window into Organizational Effectiveness

10.00: Break

10.30: Meetings in political processes (90 min.)

10.30-11.00 – oral presentation: Johanna Leinius, University of Kassel: The ‘meeting logics’ of social movement encounters: A postcolonial analytics

11.00-11.15 – pecha kucha: Hans Jonas Gunzelmann, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore: Meetings under Surveillance: Social Movement Assemblies and State Repression

11.15-11.45 – oral presentation: Christoph Haug, University of Gothenburg: Communication across cultural and political divides: On the utility of categorization analysis for understanding meeting-talk

11.45-12.15 – oral presentation: Jennifer Sandler, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst: Looking through meetings; epistemic activism in the United States, three ways

12.15: Lunch break

13.15: Networking session (coffee and snacks will be served)

14:30: Meetings and creativity (75 min)

14.30-15.00 – oral presentation: Brian Due, Dept. of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen: Situated Co-operative Creativity: Solving emergent problems in situ

15.00-15.30 – oral presentation: Kenneth Agerholm, Consultant and founder in FLOK and Now Is The Time, guest professor in AB Banku Business School, Riga: Framestorming and reframing – are we asking the right questions when looking for solutions with groups?

15.30-15.45 – pecha kucha: Gina Poncini, Humanities and Social Sciences, Khalifa University: Meeting Places, Meeting Spaces and Creative Collaboration: A Case Study

15.45: Break (coffee and snacks will be served)

16.15: Learning via meetings (75 min)

16.15-16.30 – poster session: Nikolas Käkelä & Annika Engström, School of Engineering, Department of Supply Chain and Operations Management, Jönköping University: Work Place Meetings for Learning in Organizations: Making Use of
Customization Practices

16.30-16.45 – pecha kucha: Sille Julie Jøhnk Abildgaard, Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Marketing: Analyzing student interactions at the studio space: Cluster supervision as a design meeting

16.45-17.00 – pecha kucha: Sophie Thunus and Carole Walker, Institute of Health and Society, UCLouvain: Event connectivity: Remapping the social role of mental health service users through a chain of meetings

17.00-17.30 – oral presentation: Ole Qvist-Sørensen: Visual collaboration – Visual facilitation – System visualization

17.30: Conference closing and announcement of next MSS venue

17.45: End